> 00 / 09 : Solve your biggest challenges

Solve your biggest challenges

Questions worth asking

Encourage inspired curiosity with two unique workshops powered by the Engine of Creativity to excel in a culture of constant disruption.

> 01 / 06 : Solutions worth discovering

How can the innovators of today better imagine the world of tomorrow?

Working collaboratively in open workspaces, sharing ideas globally with other thinkers, todays innovators need to link the unlink-able.

Visionary creativity for STEM workflows

The Engine of Creativity is my proprietary approach to facilitating ingenious creative practises. More than simply expert-led instruction, the Engine of Creativity is a personalised, student-centred learning framework for delivering breakthrough training and enriching STEM organisations and workflows with transformative visual thinking processes.

They must be willing to try many combinations before finding the right answer. They need to be comfortable with concepts that they can play with in new ways. The Engine of Creativity will teach you novel originative systems to query these answers from unique perspectives, in order to reveal undiscovered lines of inquiry.

> 02 / 06 : Workshop #01

For leaders


When it comes to developing a clear vision, many organisations are simply iterating topically.

In order to drive innovation, decision makers need to diverge away from employing established conventions that are only relevant to right now. Propel your organisation forward by applying the creative visual thinking techniques that visionary artists have practised for centuries.

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> 03 / 06 : Workshop #02

For teams


Conventional STEM learning provides conclusions through facts, answers, knowledge and the truth.

For enterprising practitioners to truly thrive, they need to focus on uncovering unique questions rather than seeking established answers. Master your craft by incorporating the two distinct modes of operation that imaginative creatives have utilised for generations.

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> 04 / 06 : Workshop features

Learn your way

Innovation doesn't occur in a vacuum

In order to advance traditional approaches to solve your biggest challenges, organisations need to employ a transformative framework for thinking, reflecting and observing to explore STEM practises in a more holistic manner.

Workshop features

Designed for you

No two teams are alike. The most effective learning program is one that is designed to address your specific needs.

While the framework powering Innovate and Thrive is global, the content and outcomes are unique to your organisation. This encourages your team to transfer their learning to familiar experiences through assimilating and connecting knowledge from both unfamiliar sources and unexpected practises.

Lifelong learning

Most expert-led instruction often guides learners to target goal-specific outcomes in both professional and personal development.

Favouring a process-led approach, Innovate and Thrive intricately interweave both practise and principle, and their richness of methods and delivery strategies focus students first and foremost on systems to learn how to learn better.

Student driven

Facilitate authentic, deeper learning and higher order thinking with Engine's learner-centred framework.

Innovate and Thrive are student-driven, presented in real time and have been designed from the ground up to be optimised for remote delivery. This encourages real and substantive conversations, increasing learner participation and engagement while promoting shared sense-making through collaboration, discourse and reflection.

> 06 / 06 : Contact me

Transform your organisation today

I've taught over 1000 students from 35 different countries about the art of visual thinking.

My workshops are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. They are delivered in real time, and are optimised for remote delivery. Email me to learn how your organisation can incorporate this transformative creative process to innovate with clarity and purpose.