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ThriveEncourage natural curiosity

Inspect. Interpret. Improve.

A transformative creative process for STEM workflows

Thrive is a workshop designed to assist teams in elevating the standard and output of their professional practise, powered by the Engine of Creativity.

Elevate your output

A skilled practitioner does easily what others find difficult. Yet exceptional skill alone is not always enough to excel at one's practise. To accelerate your teams professional and person development, you can enhance established STEM workflows with divergent, artistic modes of processing.

Discover new solutions

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Master your craft

Doing what is impossible for a skilled practitioner is the mark of a master

For centuries, visionary visual artists have delved deep into a creative process that helped them develop unique spatial, synthetic and holistic visual thinking processes that enabled them to absorb impressions different from those of the average person.

Visual thinking advantages

This allowed them to form fleeting new combinations of multiple elements and formulate them in new, unusual ways. Thrive will teach your team to utilise this inventive creative process in their day-to-day work. Observe, perceive and decipher with precision and resolve.

Visual thinking processes


Learn to see where things are in relation to other things, and form a more complex, abstract understanding of how parts go together to form a whole.

  • Teams can employ this to more effectively connect their day-to-day work to the organisations.


Understanding how to conceptually construct discrete things together to form fluid, modular wholes.

  • This will better equip teams with practises and processes to do their jobs and learn new skills in a more engaging manner.


Seeing whole things at once with heightened clarity, and more effectively perceiving the overall patterns and structures, which often leads to divergent conclusions.

  • Teams can employ this to better visualise their process, improving understanding and execution, and help them to gain a more complete picture of how these processes work throughout the organisation.

Learn your way

Thrive is designed to help your team make the mental and mechanical shift to this divergent perspective. Transforming HOW they see will give your team two distinct advantages:

Both of these benefits will enhance your own innate creative imagination and capacity for innovative breakthroughs.

No two Thrive workshops are the same. Designed from the ground up to address your specific needs, Thrive is based around my proprietary approach to teaching creative visual thinking.

Its fluid, modular framework means I can adapt its delivery to efficiently suit your preferred learning style, while contextualising the core principles of each workshop session to most effectively deliver your required outcomes.

Detailed workshop information

> 02 / 05 : Workshop details

From practitioner to master

Thrive is based on established creative visual media practises

These exercises are designed to encourage development of the abstract, visual mode of processing that artists have employed for centuries.

Utilise extraordinary insights

Across a decade of teaching creative media professionals, I gained a unique insight into the benefits afforded to these visual storytellers whose profession helped them develop a more sophisticated visual imagination.

Incorporating these findings into my Engine of Creativity framework, I have developed Thrive expressly to help STEM professionals utilise these extraordinary benefits to their advantage. Thrive will help you unlock latent visualisation and perceptive abilities with tasks which develop the unique artistic mode of seeing and processing.

Process non-verbal, visual information in the divergent manner utilised by artists.

> 03 / 05 : Benefits for STEM


Learn to perceive arrangements, identify patterns and seek conclusions differently

If creating something that transcends its raw materials relies so heavily on learning to see different, STEM organisations can benefit by exploring and incorporating the processes practised by visionary visual artists throughout history.

These veritable creators explored the laws of their medium to both create and communicate simultaneously in the abstract and mechanical. This creative process heightened their ability to relate these two discrete outcomes, enabling them to transcend their craft by creating a timeless object imbued with a life of its own.

Visionary visual artists process in new ways the ordinary sensory data available to us all. Through mastering two distinct modes of operation, they unwillingly discovered the laws of their own growth and vision, while learning to relate the two in order to create an object with a life of its own which transcended mere craftsmanship.

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Expand the potential of your unique skill set today

Thrive is a completely custom learning experience. It is designed from the ground up to address your particular needs.

It can be a single two hour workshop style session, or it can take the form of a complex learning program, spanning multiple weeks with regularly scheduled check-ins and assigned non-contact tasks.

To create a Thrive workshop unique to you, I start by carefully listening to what you want to achieve, and then adapting my modular framework to construct your ideal tailored learning program.

If you would like to learn how to utilise creative visual thinking methods, approaches and strategies to better identify and uniquely transcend the limitations of your field, email me today start a conversation that could change your future.