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Learn to shift between looking and seeing

Focusing on photography, these visual thinking programs are essential for anyone who wants to learn more about how we see and interpret images, and to better understand how meaning is constructed and conveyed through creative visual media.

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Providing most of the core visual thinking learning included in Innovate and Thrive, each program centres on a specific theme, presented in four separate stages. As they are designed for individual use, they lack the collaborative elements of my in-person workshops, as well as the tools to synthesise visual learning into other fields. However, for anyone curious to understand more about how we use visuals to convey meaning, these programs can be considered condensed, curated versions of my Engine of Creativity workshops.

Street Photography

With its depictions of everyday life, the appeal of street photography has always been its ability to record momentary instants in the lives of ordinary citizens. Street photography can capture a subject deep in thought, but will never reveal what the stranger, lost in time, was actually thinking. That’s for you to ponder.

Magical Realism

Releasing 26 April, 2021Photography's ability to accurately represent the material world has not hindered its use as a medium to explore the imaginary, strange and abstract. Through its appearance as an object grounded in reality and logic, even the most prosaic photographs, filtered through the sensibility of magical realism, can reveal a fantastic and haunting world, lurking beneath the surface of reality, where commonplace objects and compositions are made to seem sinister and extraordinary.

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