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Engine of Creativity

Nurture deeper learning

> 01 / 06 : Teaching creativity

Learn how to learn better

Since 2009 I have delivered more than 2000 specialist face-to-face and online creative visual media classes to leading enterprise and tertiary organisations across the globe.

A better alternative

This enabled me to develop a unique approach to facilitating a deeper, more complex understanding of both the notional and mechanical systems of creativity, through the application of visual thinking techniques. By trying to better understand how they interrelated for each and every student, I inadvertently discovered how useful this was for the interdisciplinary contextualisation of these creative systems.

The Engine of Creativity is my proprietary approach to addressing the shortcomings of traditional educational delivery and contemporary creative media instruction. Throughout each of the workshop sessions I taught, everything I learned about how creative artists learn, I built into the Engine of Creativity. Now I am turning my attention to delivering the benefits of this creative learning framework to STEM organisations, in a time when the parternship could not be more vital.

> 02 / 06 : Questions over answers

The ecology of learning

When I began teaching, I focused almost entirely on giving learners precise answers and demonstrating how to achieve specific outcomes.

Not 'how?', but 'why?'

This was fantastic for showing learners how to achieve a very specific mechanical outcome, but I soon realised only a small number of my students were seeing the greater conceptual potential of what they had learned.

Over time, I became driven to discover what the difference was between the two sets of learners, and how I could change my approach to help more students transfer their learning beyond the simple task-at-hand. Engine began by taking the position that meaningful, authentic learning is motivated by three driving questions: 'what?', 'how?'and 'why?'

Ideally all three of these motivations would feed equally into one another, each one affecting and simultaneously being affected by the other two. Over time, I believe that contemporary learning approaches have leaned more towards a compartmentalised model; 'what?' became the driving force, fuelled more and more only by 'how?'

Most organisations know what they're doing. Some organisations clearly know how to do this better than others. Those who also understand whythey're doing it are the organisations that truly excel in their field.

> 03 / 06 : Lifelong learning

The problem with conventional learning programs

It's my position that traditional instructor-centred training does not promote natural curiosity, and research shows our minds don't seem very willing to digest regurgitated expertise no matter how profound it is.

Learn for life, not just a topic

Further to this, conventional expert-led instruction often fails to connect its content to either topics, or environments, outside it's point of focus. In many cases, it can often feel more like a platform for an individual instructor to demonstrate how much they know, rather than a foundation to enourage meaningful, lifelong learning.

The Engine of Creativity is my attempt to help you better understand WHY you're doing what you do. Designed around the concept of iterative learning, the Engine of Creativity is an alternative approach to learning that is based on shared sense-making and relies on inquiry to drive discovery.

Iterative learning involves facilitating exploration of unfamiliar topics and connecting meaning back to familiar practises. Iterative learning is process driven, rather than outcome centred, encouraging students to learn more than simply the topic at hand - it encourages them to learn how to learn better.

This empowers organisations by providing a framework for exploration, reflection and consideration that will continue to drive professional and personal development long after the workshops have ended.

> 05 / 06 : Framework principles

Three pillars
Countless benefits

Workshops powered by the Engine of Creativity are built on a framework of three core pillars: they are custom designed, they seek to promote lifelong learning, and they aim to provoke natural curiosity.


Framework principles


Deliver tailored outcomes

Custom designed programs combine personalised workflows with authentic, relevant real-world tasks. This allows students to transfer and connect familiar topics to a broader, more interconnected ecology.

Interdisciplinary learning encourages students to explore competing solutions along with a diversity of outcomes, inspiring them to assimilate and connect unfamiliar practises and knowledge.

Facilitate iterative learning

Lifelong learning is formed on the foundation of process over product, uses inquiry to drive learning and encourages both reflection and purposeful decision making.

This provides a framework for students to probe for more than simply first impressions, allowing them to observe independently and form a broader interpretation for what they see by considering a range of varied and alternative meanings.


Encourage shared discovery

Real time delivery provokes and raises students curiosity by actively engaging them in both exploration and inquiry, allowing them to transfer their learning along with their experiences.

A richness of methods and delivery strategies increases learner participation and engagement through real and substantive conversations. Permits students to be puzzled and reflect on what they see, listening to and considering the ideas of others and developing patience to follow larger arguments.

> 06 / 06 : Contact me

Foster deeper, lifelong learning

Venture beyond the topic at hand and learn to transfer and recontextualise your knowledge to seemingly disconnected practises, principles and professions with the Engine of Creativity.

Engine workshops are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. They are delivered in real time, and are optimised for remote delivery. Email me to learn how your organisation can incorporate this modular, iterative framework to innovate and thrive in your field.