> 00 / 09 : Transform your organisation


Transform your organisation

> 01 / 09 : Visual thinking for STEM

Built for STEM
Created by artists

Learn to see differently

In this period of rapid social and professional transformation, organisations need to be more creative than ever in order to adapt and succeed.

Using his proprietary approach to teaching creativity, expert facilitator and visual thinking specialist M. Seth Jones will help you reshape your ideas, insights and creative problem-solving potential.

Engage the dual modes of abstract, spatial artistic processing to enrich verbal, analytic STEM practises in two unique custom designed workshops tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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> 02 / 09 : Visual thinking benefits

Solve your biggest challenges

By enhancing established STEM patterns and workflows with a transformative creative process.

Heighten your capacity to learn

With the Engine of Creativity’s iterative framework, designed upon the principles and practises of creative processes used by visionary visual artists.

> 03 / 09 : Workshop #01

For leaders


Transform your ideas from topical to timeless

Visionary visual thinking for STEM decision makers.

Combine virtuoso imagination practises with the Engine of Creativity's tailored, iterative framework to accelerate breakthrough innovations.

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> 04 / 09 : Workshop #02

For teams


Progress from practitioner to master

A transformative creative process for STEM workflows.

Refine your teams clarity of perception and heighten their visualisation skills to propel their practise beyond the raw data available to them.

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> 05 / 09 : About me

I help people develop better ways to work, better techniques for thinking and better methods for making

Hi, I'm M. Seth Jones, a perpetually curious observer and visual thinking specialist.

I've helped organisations like BBC Worldwide, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, RMIT University, Adelaide University, the Australian Centre for Photography, Ogilvy Australia, MYER, RØDE Microphones and The Monkeys to imagine more visually, observe uniquely and create with clearer purpose.

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Workshop origins

Developed over a decade of teaching, the Engine of Creativity is my approach to helping creative professionals elevate their craft.

Since 2009, I've focused on transforming the way professional, enthusiast and aspiring visual storytellers think, learn and make meaning.

Innovate and Thrive began with a simple question: "How can I facilitate productive collaboration between the fields of Art and STEM?"

Now more than ever, forward-thinking organisations need to overcome challenging new obstacles in order to create better, safer, smarter futures for us all. These two divergent, exploratory workshops, designed around this unique approach to teaching creativity, are now available to STEM organisations worldwide. By breaking down barriers between Art & Design and STEM practises, I hope to help companies implement effective creative solutions to their biggest challenges.

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> 06 / 09 : Featured research

Why promote collaboration between STEM and Art?

I believe there are many benefits to incorporating exploratory, spatial visual art approaches and practises into established STEM workflows. And I'm not alone.

Featured research

STEAM: Using the Arts to Train Well-Rounded and Creative Scientists

Verónica A. Segarra, Barbara Natalizio, Cibele V. Falkenberg, Stephanie Pulford and Raquell M. Holmes

While the demand for a strong STEM workforce continues to grow, there are challenges that threaten our ability to recruit, train, and retain such a workforce in a way that is effective and sustainable and fosters innovation. One way in which we are meeting this challenge is through the use of the arts in the training of scientists. Read more at ASMscience

Full STEAM Ahead: The Benefits of Integrating the Arts Into STEM

There is growing interest amongst forward looking public officials, educators, and professionals in enhancing the education platform to better prepare students for both analytical and creative thinking. Read more →

Using Creativity from Art and Engineering to Engage Students in Science

In this editorial, we explore how the arts can help students generate “Big Ideas” about science, construct questions, and share their understanding of the topic with authentic audiences. Read more →

A Place for Art and Design Education in the STEM Conversation

In what follows we describe the possibilities and pitfalls of an approach that infuses both the creative process and design thinking into a new iteration of STEM education that adds arts (with a capital "A") to the acronym to make STEAM. Read more →

> 07 / 09 : How art can help

Learn to visualise the ideational

Virtually every STEM discipline calls upon visual or spatial thinking. Incorporating creativity into STEM workflows enables organisations and individuals to develop - and better utilise - a more complex visual and notional literacy.

The benefits of visual thinking

Refining our ability to visualise the immaterial through exploratory artistic processes is a compelling catalyst for innovation. Incorporating the A for art into STEM empowers organisations by promoting collaboration across the disciplines. This partnership is vital, because every engineer who formulates a new innovations exhibits far more than simply tech, engineering and math excellence. They also need to practise design-thinking, creativity, communication and artistic skills to bring these innovations to fruition.

Established STEM models tell you "this is how things are".

Traditional STEM workflows analyse, abstract, count, mark time, plan procedures step-by-step, verbalise and make statements based on logic. Conventional STEM education gives learners facts, answers, knowledge, certainty and truth.

The Engine of Creativity will teach you novel originative systems to query these answers from unique perspectives, in order to reveal undiscovered lines of inquiry.

> 08 / 09 : Learn to see differently

Observe uniquely
Perceive distinctively

The Engine of Creativity will teach you to better conceive, view and discern things that may be imaginary - existing only in the mind's eye - and heighten your ability to recall things that are real.

You will learn to see how these real and imaginary objects exist in space, and better comprehend how their discrete, individual parts combine together to form the whole.

You will learn to better understand metaphors, to imagine, to envision and create new combinations of ideas. You will learn to use intuition and have leaps of insight - moments where everything seems to fall into place - without figuring things out in a logical order.

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> 09 / 09 : Contact me

Transform your organisation today

I've taught over 1000 students from 35 different countries about the art of visual thinking.

My workshops are available to anyone, anywhere in the world. They are delivered in real time, and are optimised for remote delivery. Email me to learn how your organisation can incorporate this transformative creative process to innovate with clarity and purpose.